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All you Need to Know About a 1031 Exchange

This type of exchange is not necessarily the swapping of properties between two individuals. You should not look at a 1031 exchange as an exchange that involves 2 separate parties. This is because that is very shallow and misleading. A property 1031 exchange is where an investor is given or allowed the leeway to sell a certain property and then take the money from that sale and then reinvest it in a new property. This allows the capital gains that would have been charged on the proceeds to be deferred. This name is taken from the section of the tax code that is numbered as such and gives allows this provision. This is a very popular way that real estate investors use to avoid paying taxes and be able to invest in other properties.

When doing a 1031 exchange, there are various strategies that you can employ. You can use the 1031 exchange to convert or get a large apartment complex from a small apartment building. The other very widely used strategy by investors is to swap an apartment building to get a type of hands-free investment such as a net-leased investment. One other strategy that is most likely to be used by a lot of people that use the 1031 exchange is to exchange an apartment building that they own into a co-ownership kind of investment. All these strategies are very popular because they are easy to do and have been found to be very beneficial by the investors that use them. In the event you want to do a 1031 exchange you should know that there are many types of 1031 exchanges. We can not be able to fly cover each of them in this article.

However, in this article, we shall mention the main types of 1031 exchange. The most common type of 1031 exchange is the delayed 1031 exchange which is also called the forward 1031 exchange. There is a type of 1031 exchange that is called the simultaneous 1031 exchange. Apart from those two, there is another type known as a reverse 1031 exchange. The last of the 1031 exchanges that shall be mentioned here is known as the improvement exchange. Not all the above types of 1031 exchanges are very similar. You will have to choose to do the type that fits you very well. For this, you could use the advice of an expert that knows all this stuff very well.

There are also benefits that accrue to those who use 1031 exchanges. One, you will be able to get leverage when you use a 1031 exchange. The investor is able to have a lot more money than he can use to buy a larger property because of the deferred gains tax as well as property appreciation. An investor will also benefit from the diversification of his or her investment portfolio. An investor is able to diversify his or her portfolio by simply buying different product types. An example is the multiple buying of properties in many markets. There are many other benefits that would accrue to those that use this type of exchange. They include consolidation, an increase in cash flow, management relief, increase depreciation, and estate planning.


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